Popularization of community seeds: a commendable approach by Sasakawa Africa

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The NGO Sasakawa Africa Association presented, on January 26, 2023, the results of its research on the implementation of community seeds in rural areas. These results are from the community seed production program called Community Based Seed Multiplication (CBSM).

It was for the NGO Sasakawa Africa Association, to restore the results of the research of the community seed production program called Community Based Seed Multiplication (CBSM). This research was launched following the recommendations of another workshop held in Kayes where all the actors in the field of agricultural research recommended the need to study the implementation of community seeds.

Without hesitation, Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) took the recommendations into account and got to work. “SAA accepted this request and set up a committee to see exactly on the ground how community seed production is implemented. And throughout the campaign, the teams crisscrossed all the areas concerned during production and after production and they had results that we decided to present through this workshop”, explained Mr. Abdoulaye Koureïchy, representative of the director Sasakawa country.

According to him, among the members, there are some who participated in the research in a direct way and others in an indirect way. The data was shared with the National Directorate of Agriculture so that it could influence government policy on agriculture.

A welcome constancy!

For his part, the Deputy National Director of Agriculture, Souleymane Yacouba Maïga, on behalf of the State, praised the constancy of the NGO SAA. “Indeed, this is the place to remind you of the collaboration between the NGO SAA – Mali and the government of Mali through the department in charge of agriculture which dates from 1996 and since then it has remained constant until our days. One thing that must be appreciated”, he said, before reassuring the NGO of the full availability of his ministry and the national directorate of Agriculture to support him in his initiatives.

According to Mr. Maïga, the preferred area of ​​intervention remains the improvement of the productivity and production of farmers through the popularization of good agricultural practices, the provision of equipment, etc. “For the 2022 agricultural campaign, a program called Community Based Seed Multiplication CBSM, which consists of producing community seeds, has been implemented in order to improve access to quality seeds by low-income producers”, a- he appreciated.

It should be noted that Sasakawa Africa Association has been working towards improving agricultural productivity in Mali since 1996 through the SG2000 program. It cooperates with other implementing partners which include research institutions such as IER, ICRISAT, microfinance institutions, pre- and post-harvest equipment manufacturers, seed companies, traders, processors and farmers’ organizations.

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