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It is to follow in the footsteps of the strike movement of their colleagues from the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), the cities of Libreville, Franceville, Lambaréné and many others that those of the economic capital have also decided to join the strike movement. However, they closed the central gate, placed tents and plastic chairs in the middle of the main courtyard, and banners to show their dissatisfaction with Christophe Eyi, the current temporary administrator of the CNSS.

After the November storm that shook the CNSS, a few weeks after the general strike movement had been suspended and was supposed to resume if and only if the temporary administrator did not respect his commitments. It’s done since all the decentralized administrations are on strike for the umpteenth time. And to show their unity in this strike, the agents of Port-Gentil have also decided to follow the pace for an indefinite period.

And for good reason, in the recent past, the coalition of three trade union centers (COSY-CNSS), had decided to enter into negotiations with the provisional administration in order to find means for societal appeasement. At the end of these exchanges, it was above all a question of re-examining the advantages linked to the salaries of the employees, insofar as the provisional office would have decided unilaterally to abolish several bonuses according to the strikers. These included, in particular, the 13th month and the gas bonus to name but a few.

“The 13th month is an asset that is in the collective agreement, and it cannot be deleted. From these meetings it was said that the provisional office in collaboration with the guardianship, was going to make a gesture for the payment. We had waited but nothing was done. No communication from the administration, and it was because of their refusal to pay that we resumed the strike. And we in Port-Gentil are also on strike. As long as the provisional administration does not settle our achievements, it is and will remain unlimited. This is a flagrant violation of the employment contract,” explained a trade unionist.

It must be said that this is a question of certain bonuses attached to the category of each employee. Benefits that should be settled between December 25 and 30, according to disgruntled employees. On the other hand, according to Christophe Eyi’s vision, this decision to remove certain emoluments had the ambition of supporting the problems that the box is going through. Simply because the CNSS would have an astronomical payroll reaching nearly 2 billion FCFA per month.

The employees of Port-Gentil, like those of other localities, also criticize the fact that the provisional administrator would have proceeded by intimidation, injunctions or letters of explanation etc. But above all, that he is committed to paying retirees to small microfinance companies, when we know the dysfunction that this could cause in the CNSS file.

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