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The Support Project for the Development, Professionalization and Sanitation of Microfinance (Adapami-Benin) will soon be completed. The “financial education” component of the project has had a real impact through the convincing results recorded. This is what emerges from the review workshop of the financial education program, which took place this Thursday, December 15, 2022 at Majestic in Fidjrossè…

Nearly one hundred thousand people have benefited from capacity building sessions on financial education. This, as part of the Support Project for the Development, Professionalization and Sanitation of Microfinance (Adapami-Benin), implemented since 2017 with the support of Global Affairs Canada. According to the Project Director, Maurice Maurielle Couthon, the results achieved are beyond expectations. It should be emphasized, the targets were equipped through modules on improving the management of personal resources, access to and better management of credit, management of an income-generating activity, respect for commitments , etc. According to the director of the project, it is important to take stock of the initiative which consisted in instilling in the populations basic financial notions and financial education. Several skills were mobilized for the success of this important program, he added before reassuring the measures taken with a view to sustaining the achievements. As for the Head of Canadian Cooperation, Myriam Pierre-Louis, she was delighted with the impact of the program, which made it possible to raise awareness and train so many people on the possibilities and opportunities offered by decentralized financial systems, the access to financial management knowledge and skills. She also advocated for new initiatives to sustain the achievements. For the Director General of the Professional Association of Decentralized Financial Systems (Apsfd), Ignace Dovi, the program has contributed to improving the environment of Sfds while strengthening their professionalism. After discussing the importance of financial education in the process of eradicating poverty, he acknowledged that it is a national issue requiring a synergy of actions. According to the latter, the interventions induce quantitative and qualitative changes within Sfds. He did not fail to plead for the establishment of a mechanism for the pursuit of the dynamic with a view to the sustainability of the achievements. Taking the floor, the Director General of Microfinance, Brice Dansou, indicated that the actions initiated to provide Benin with a financial education strategy testify to the importance of this strategy. Financial education is the strong arm of financial inclusion, he stressed. He congratulated the project team for the efforts made and the results obtained. “This dynamic cannot end,” he declared to reassure the commitment of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance to work for the capitalization of experiences and achievements. Presenting the results of the Financial Education section, the National Financial Education Advisor, Tania Attiba, said that more than 94,000 people, 78% of whom were women, were equipped, compared to 65,000 at the start. The different modules were disseminated in eight local languages ​​to maximize impact. After the presentation of the certification process for master trainers and field facilitators, certificates were awarded to eight (08) master trainers and certificates of participation to fifty-two (52) field facilitators.


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