Recruitment notice for One (1) Administrative and Financial Manager, One (e) Research and Project Officer and One (1) Expert (e) Finance and Financial Inclusion/Specialist of agricultural input credit mechanisms

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The Engineering and Business Development Consulting Firm – ICDE (website: www.icde.bf) is a law firm in Burkina Faso created in 2003, with its headquarters in Ouagadougou. He specializes in: (i) project/program management; (ii) capacity building and skills development; (iii) business strategy (diagnosis, restructuring and upgrading of businesses in difficulty, business access to markets and exports); (iv) financial facilitation (access to business financing); and (v) socio-economic studies including the formulation of development policies and strategies for the States. He works in Burkina Faso and in West Africa more generally, where he provides mandates for the implementation of projects and programs financed by various bi- or multilateral partners/donors, as well as shorter ad hoc consultancy assignments.

In order to strengthen its staff and its project/program teams, ICDE is looking for qualified and motivated candidates for the recruitment of one (1) Administrative and Financial Manager, one (1) e) studies and projects and one (1) finance and financial inclusion expert/specialist in agricultural input credit mechanisms.

Detailed description of the characteristics of the (3) categories of positions to be filled:

A. Administrative and financial manager; Position based in Ouagadougou

A.1. Main missions/responsibilities

• Develop and ensure the management of the company’s financial and accounting policy;

• Ensure the coordination of accounting and financial operations, including the preparation of end-of-year statements and audits;

• Ensure the preparation, ensure proper use of budgets and supervise the preparation of accounting and financial management reports for the various projects/programmes;

• Ensure compliance with and updating of the administrative, accounting and financial procedures manual;

• Represent and defend the firm’s interests with third parties (clients, suppliers, State and financial partners);

• Actively participate in the design of new projects/programs, particularly in the preparation of budgets and financial analyses; and participate in specific missions;

• Bring your expertise and support advice to the general management for the management of human resources and the proper functioning of the various services;

• Actively participate in the preparation of service offers, particularly on issues related to the preparation of financial offers and the mobilization of administrative documents;

• Contribute to the development of the company; by actively participating in prospecting for opportunities and developing the business portfolio.

A.2. Required profile

• University degree at BAC+5 level in finance-accounting; accounting, accounting control and audit;

• At least seven (7) years of relevant professional experience in business accounting management; including practical experience in preparing year-end statements;

• Extensive experience in project accounting and budget management. With a mastery of the procedures specific to donors and development partners (USAID, European Union, World Bank, etc.) as well as Burkinabé public funds, would be an appreciated asset;

• Experience in conducting financial analyzes and profitability studies in the context of business and investment projects is also strongly desired;

• Perfect mastery of the SAGE accounting software. A good command of additional management software (TOMPRO, QUICKEN, etc.) will also be a well-appreciated asset.

B. Studies and projects officer; Position based in Ouagadougou

B.1. Main missions/responsibilities

• Provide the necessary technical assistance to beneficiaries (companies and cooperatives in general) to make their projects a success: planning and implementation of activities, business development, mobilization of additional funding, field visits, reporting and monitoring-evaluation, etc

• Ensure that, for each project, a monitoring and evaluation system is put in place to collect and document performance indicators; produce reports;

• Participate in/conduct advisory assistance missions to companies and cooperatives and professional organizations, as well as studies and training within the framework of one-off consultancy assignments;

• Contribute to the business development of the ICDE firm by actively participating in the prospecting of opportunities and the preparation of service offers.

B.2. Required profile

• University degree at BAC+5 level in economics, finance, accounting, auditing, management, business administration, or any other relevant field related to the development of companies, cooperatives and professional organizations in the private sector, agricultural sector and financial sector;

• At least five (5) years of relevant professional experience in (i) the development, design, execution, monitoring and evaluation of business projects; (ii) monitoring and evaluation of economic projects and programs, including performance measurement; and (iii) development of economic value chains; (ii) support for businesses and cooperatives for access to financing;

• Good knowledge of the business and cooperative environment, with strong capacities to (i) ensure a diagnosis of organizational capacities as well as development needs for cooperatives and SMEs, (ii) prepare and lead training sessions at the benefit of adults, (iii) conduct financial analyses; (iv) prepare budgets and (v) develop a performance monitoring system.

C. One (1) Finance and financial inclusion expert/agricultural input credit mechanism specialist; Position based in Ouagadougou

C.1. Main missions/responsibilities

• Provide technical assistance in the process of recruiting Financial Facilitators (FFs), individual consultants or specialized consulting firms, who are intermediaries between loan applicants and Financial Institutions (FIs); assist with coaching and technical assistance and ensure monitoring and compliance with commitments in their respective grant/contract;

• Conduct the analysis of the projects (deals or transactions) submitted by the FFs and decide on the eligibility of these projects in accordance with the criteria defined within the framework of the project;

• Provide direct support to partner FFs to help them increase the number of clients, develop partnerships with FIs and increase the volume of financing offered to target groups, value chains and project intervention areas;

• Ensure regular monitoring of projects (deals or transactions) of FFs, their remuneration system and recommend payments; including recommending improvements to the FF financial incentive scheme;

• Supervise more specifically the implementation of training and technical assistance actions of the partner MFI(s) involved in financial mechanisms in favor of savings and credit groups;

• Calculate the amount of the financial incentive corresponding to their transactions and recommend the payments;

• Ensure regular visits of the FFs to assess the progress of their activities; assess their progress and difficulties and help find solutions to problems. More generally, it is a matter of providing advisory support to strengthen the capacities of the FFs;

• Actively participate in the development of training plans and materials for FFs and organize training activities for FFs;

• Inform quickly and in time of any difficulty or particular problem that may arise at the level of the FFs, particularly those that may affect the agreed agreements; propose solutions and submit a remediation plan that will be properly followed until the problem is resolved;

• Contribute to the project planning and monitoring process; including the monitoring, evaluation and reporting system.

C.2. Required profile

• University degree at BAC+5 level in economics, management, finance, agronomy, rural engineering, agroeconomics, or any other relevant field related to the development of agricultural organizations and businesses;

• Confirmed skills (minimum 5 years of experience) in supporting the search for private capital for Small and Medium Enterprises, businesses and producers in the agricultural sector and work experience in projects such as facilitation of access to financing, or in the profession of investment portfolio manager, loan officer in a bank, a microfinance institution and others; work experience or good involvement in the design, technical implementation/monitoring of mechanisms of the Savings and Credit Groups type (Saving Groups) can be an asset;

• Strong coaching, training and capacity building skills, particularly in the area of ​​facilitating access to financing and private capital;

• Good connection and good collaborative relationship with financial institutions (banks, microfinance institutions, investment funds, venture capital, etc.).

D. Information common to the various positions

D.1. Type of contract

Fixed-term contract (CDD) of one (1) year renewable according to performance, with trial periods.

D.2. Composition of the file

(1) A cover letter addressed to the Director of Cabinet ICDE clearly specifying the position sought and mentioning the candidate’s expected net monthly salary; (2) A detailed, sincere and up-to-date curriculum vitae; (3) Photocopies of diplomas, certificates or work certificates; (4) A copy of the CNIB or Passport; (5) The names and addresses of three (3) references who are not related to the candidate. The files submitted remain the property of ICDE and will not be given to the candidates.

D.3. Application deadline

Applications are only admissible by email to the following address: [email protected] no later than January 23, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

D.4. Recruitment procedures

The selection will be made on file study followed by an interview. Only the candidates selected at the end of the study of the files will be contacted for the rest of the procedure. ICDE reserves the right, however, to submit candidates to a written test. ICDE reserves the right not to respond to all or part of this recruitment notice.

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