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Initiated by the National Agency for the Surveillance of Decentralized Financial Systems (Anssfd), the workshop for the evaluation of the system for the production and control of statistical information (e-control), had its epilogue this Wednesday, December 21, 2022 in Cotonou . This workshop, which mobilized focal points for the production of DFS statistics, benefited from the support of the Support project for the development, professionalization and consolidation of microfinance (Adapami). Relevant recommendations were made at the end of the work…

From December 20 to 21, 2022, the focal points for the production of Sfd statistics, selected according to the Efh concept, were invited to the evaluation work of the e-control platform. This work enabled the participants to re-examine the current system for producing and controlling statistical information and to propose measures for improvement to make it more efficient. Thus, during the second day, he took stock of the strategy for building the capacities of the statistical focal points of the Anssfd on the production of data. According to Arikama Chabi Mamadou, consultant, in-depth reflections have been carried out around the lessons and perspectives with a view to improving performance. The group work made it possible to identify the imperfections of the platform, study the filling guide, etc. Relevant recommendations were also made. These include, among other things, ways to improve the e-control platform, updating the filling guide. As for the periodic remittance, recommendations were made with a view to improving the feeding of the system, in particular additional indicators for different sectors such as Islamic finance, agriculture, financial inclusion as well as monitoring indicators. . It should be specified, the development of the microfinance sector requires the availability of reliable statistical and financial information so that it serves as a basis for decisions. This workshop made it possible to identify and list the difficulties and insufficiencies related to the system put in place; study all the findings and present a Swot/Ffom analysis of the device and formulate solutions and measures to improve the efficiency of the device. It should be noted that the electronic platform called “e-Control” was developed by the Anssfd with a view to ensuring the provision of reliable and timely statistical information on the decentralized finance sector in Benin. A system for systematically collecting, centralizing, monitoring, controlling and managing all information relating to Sfds and the decentralized finance sector.


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