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Things are moving in the covid fund management business. Emedia has learned that the Minister of Justice has seized the public prosecutor for the purpose of prosecuting 12 people who are the subject of requests for the opening of judicial information.

It starts with a bang! The judicial machine is rolling towards the people pinned down by the report of the Court of Auditors which noted cases of alleged mismanagement of Force covid funds. According to concordant sources, the Minister of Justice, seized on December 29 by the Court, as provided for in the texts, in turn seized the public prosecutor to carry out investigations. Emedia has learned that 12 people will be targeted by the prosecution. A figure which corresponds to the 12 judicial information requested by the Court of Auditors. This figure corresponds to the number of judicial information requested by the Court of Auditors against Dage, accountants and other officials. Civil society had also demanded that the ministers whose departments are concerned should also be heard. But according to our sources, “it is not envisaged for the moment”.

Imf had wanted “alternative modes” to judicial information

And in any case, the Minister of Justice had warned the program Point de vue of the Rts, taken over by Le Quotidien. “Mansour Faye (Editor’s note: Minister of Community Development, Social and Territorial Equity in the Rice Market) like the other pinned ministers will not be dragged before any prosecutor. They are only justiciable before the High Court of Justice, and the approval of the President of the Republic is required,” said Ismaïla Madior Fall. Before adding: “We are not obliged to open a judicial investigation. I will seize the Prosecutor not to open judicial information, but to use other alternative methods such as the preliminary investigation entrusted to the judicial police, asking the accused to produce the supporting documents which they lacked or to justify the overbilling. Judicial information confines us, we are in the process of seeing all the incriminating facts and it must be emphasized that the Court of Auditors does not have the role of qualifying offences, misdemeanors or economic crimes. »

The ministries of Mansour Faye, Moustapha Diop, among others
For the Public Health Establishment (Eps) of Kaffrine, the Court of Auditors asks the Minister of Justice to open a judicial investigation against Mr. Lamine Diallo for “failure to produce supporting documents for expenditure financed by the covid fund in the amount of 45 million FCFA”, against Mr. Ndiamé Ndiaye, director of the microfinance impulse fund for “non justification of an amount of 11 million 191 thousand 532 FCFA of the Force Covid funds”. At the Ministry of Community Development, Social and Territorial Equity, judicial information on over-invoicing on the price of rice for an amount of 2 billion 749 million 927 thousand 498 FCFA against Aliou Sow, Dage leaving the ministry.

At the Ministry of Youth, where they found “overbilling on the price of hydro-alcoholic gel in the amount of 41 million 217 thousand 580 FCFA”, the investigators offer the Keeper of the Seals a judicial investigation against Dage Mouhamadou Sene. Just like Miss Madeleine Suzanne Lo, Dage from the Ministry of Commerce and Small and Medium Enterprises for the “overbilling on the price of the gel in the amount of 805,000 FCFA”.

The list is not exhaustive since for the Ministry of Industrial Development and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, the Court of Auditors seeks proceedings against Mr. Mohamadou Bamba Amar, assistant accountant and Ndèye Aminata Loum Ndiaye, Dage of the ministry and manager of the bank account “Small and medium-sized enterprise support fund” opened at Boa, on the conditions of payment of expenses for the acquisition of masks in the amount of 2 billion 500 million FCFA financed by Covid-19 funds. The auditors also recommend judicial information against Léons Nzalley, Dage of the Ministry of Communication and Culture for “lack of justification of expenditure for an amount of 1 billion 120 million FCFA”.

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