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Because of the seriousness of the Sikilo accident, the State had taken 22 measures to ensure road safety. In this sense, the Ministries of Interior and Transport signed a joint decree prohibiting intercity transport between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Others were to follow.

But for the president of the Comptoir commercial group Bara Mboup (Ccbm), it is all very well to take measures, but we must consider their effectiveness, their feasibility. Serigne Mboup believes that the best way to ensure road safety today is to use applications and introduce digitalization into the public transport sector. “The State can solve most of the problems often linked to road accidents digitally. Whether it’s the ban on night travel, the speed limit, everything can be regulated digitally. For example, the vehicles can be equipped with a box which can solve the problems of prohibited direction, the crossing of a continuous line. The solution exists. Planes, for example, can be located everywhere, thanks to GPS, unless the device has technical problems,” said Bara Mboup, head of the Comptoir commercial group, yesterday, during the launch of the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of Ccbm industries.
Created in 1992 on the basis of the family business, the Ccbm Group is today considered as one of “the most dynamic private economic players with Senegalese capital”.

“It achieved 65 billion CFA francs excluding taxes (Ht) in turnover in 2020 and employs nearly 1,700 employees.

The strategy of the Ccbm Group revolves around the provision of quality consumer products at the most competitive prices and the development of franchises, job incubators.

He is also looking locally for the production of goods and services hitherto reserved for an elite, whether in the fields of household appliances, computers, automobiles or real estate”, mentions a document released to the press.

Today, “the Ccbm Group invests in the agriculture and microfinance sectors through innovative, reliable projects for the economic development of Senegal and the well-being of its population.

The group, united by the values ​​of audacity, performance and solidarity, is structured around 8 divisions and 16 subsidiaries: food and retail, electronics and equipment, automotive and machinery, transit and logistics, real estate and construction, insurance, and media”.

As part of the celebration of its 30 years of existence, the Ccbm group is organizing open days from January 19 to 21 at the Grand Théâtre esplanade. Panels on various themes, including food sovereignty, the importance of logistics in the economy, among others, are planned during these days, according to Serigne Mboup.
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