SBS and CMS deploy Sopra Banking Platform for Financial Inclusion (by RiskAssur edited by FRANOL Services)

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SBS and CMS deploy Sopra Banking Platform for Financial Inclusion

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Sopra Banking Software (SBS) and Crédit Mutuel du Sénégal (CMS) announce the successful deployment of Sopra Banking Platform for Financial Inclusion.

Crédit Mutuel du Sénégal is a leading Microfinance Institution in the WAEMU zone with a network of more than 250 points of sale and 1.3 million members. The CMS has chosen to deploy the Sopra Banking Platform Core Amplitude solution in order to accelerate its digital transformation and thus have a robust banking system at the service of its customers. The adoption of a new Core Banking System allows the CMS teams to carry out their activities in a more flexible way, closer to the needs of their customers.

“Our partnership with Sopra Banking Software is a key lever for accelerating financial inclusion and transforming the customer experience,” commented Amadou Jean-Jacques DIOP, Managing Director of Crédit Mutuel du Sénégal.

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