Scandalous management of the Bereben company: Mrs. Cissé Djeneba Dicko in the hot seat

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Mrs. Director Djènèba Dicko is now in the hot seat because of the illegal treatment applied to her employees. The union of his company BEREBEN and its supporters met on Tuesday, December 27 at their management, to decide to start a 96-hour renewable strike if the grievances are not satisfied.

The behavior of Ms. Cissé Djènèba Dicko vis-à-vis her workers is completely contrary to the labor code of Mali and the international conventions of the ILO, according to a judicial source. Unfair dismissals of employees and other illegal measures are common practices for this great lady who considers herself the only mistress on board in this for-profit institution.

Indeed, dissatisfied with the establishment by its workers of a trade union committee to defend their interests in accordance with the fundamental law of our country and the international conventions of the ILO ratified by our country, it dared to dismiss three of its employees for spurious reasons. Something that caused social tension within his company.

Despite the calls to order made by the national management of labor and labor inspection, Mrs. Cissé Djeneba Dicko, never wanted to open a social dialogue with her workers. She has embraced threats and intimidation as a means of talking to workers.

Worse, no formal contract binds the employees to the Company and the other rights of the workers are always stammered according to the trade unionists. Registrations at INPS and AMO are made by affinity and on a selective basis.

Most of the workers of the said institution also do not benefit from social protection. Today, it is part of a logic of arm wrestling with the union committee, which is demanding that employees be granted their rights.

“We believe that we are workers of the BEREBEN association, and not slaves of Mrs. Cissé Djènèba Dicko. This situation has persisted since the creation of the said association until today despite the sacrifices made by the workers.

The SFD control and monitoring unit as well as its professional association are all involved alongside the good lady so that she comes to her senses for the appeasement of the social climate in our institution in particular and in the DFS sector. in general with regard to the situation that our country is currently going through.

In the BEREBEN association, the texts are trampled on by Mrs. Cissé Djènèba Dicko, but we have always favored social dialogue to settle our differences because we are aware of the assistance we provide to several groups of women in rural and urban areas. as part of our activities.

Despite the steps and actions undertaken as well as the concessions made by the caterers for the settlement of our points of claim which are nothing other than points of law internally within the framework of frank and sincere dialogue, we have observed a forcing on the part of Mrs. Cissé Djènèba Dicko, to impose on us her will to continue to trample on our rights and muzzle us further,” declared a trade unionist.

Frustrated by this indelicate attitude of the Director Djènèba Dicko towards her employees, the union of the company BEREBEN and its allies, in particular SYNABEF and other union representatives of the country met on Tuesday, December 27 at their Management, to trigger a 96-hour strike likely to be extended to 120 hours with a demand for the departure of Mrs. Cissé Djeneba Dicko, according to the organizers.

They are also demanding the return of their dismissed comrades from their respective functions, and other points considered as workers’ rights, in particular, the establishment of an employment contract, salary slips for all employees, the registration of all workers at the INPS and the AMO with the reminder of the payment of contributions comply with the provisions of the labor code of Mali and the collective agreement of the DFS.

“We demand the return of our three comrades and we are sure and certain that they want to return to their respective functions. demanded the unions.

Recall that the BEREBEN Association is an approved microfinance institution according to Order No. 2016487/MEF-SG of December 30, 2016 and registered in the SFD register under No. 3/A.07042. It is headed by Ms. Cissé Djènèba Dicko, as Managing Director since its creation in 2016

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