Séguéla: The Kato microfinance counter (S/P de Worofla) inaugurated

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On July 16, 2022, the Minister of Hydraulics, Sanitation and Health, Bouaké Fofana, inaugurated a counter of the Coopec microfinance structure, the first of its kind in the sub-prefecture. from Worofla. In order to boost the development of the village of Kato and the 32 surrounding villages.

For the president of the Association des cadres, this development tool overcomes several difficulties. “Now our parents will be introduced to the benefits of credit because…the only people who would accept credit are cashew buyers. For example, when they lend you 100,000 FCfa, you repay 200,000 FCfa,” said the spokesperson for the executives, magistrate Drissa Fofana.

He took the opportunity to make some grievances, among others, the supply of the village with drinking water, the reprofiling of the roads as well as the construction of the fence of the school group and that of the Health Center.

A village of more than 1,500 souls, Kato has experienced a real boom in recent years, which is reflected in various achievements, in particular the extension of the subdivision and electrification, the construction of the Health Center, the construction of six classrooms and that of a water tower which, having been completed, has not yet been put into service, the connection to the mobile telephone network, a base 4 local middle school under construction, a service station as well as a new primary school which will be added to the two already functional.

“I would especially like to thank the Kato executives for these initiatives. This is what is expected of us executives. (…) It is a responsibility, a duty for us,” said Minister Bouaké Fofana, sponsor of the ceremony and also president of the Worodougou Regional Council.

He was preceded at the podium by the Ambassador of Côte d’Ivoire to China, HE. Adama Dosso, executive of Kato, who, on behalf of the populations, made several donations to the godfather, to the prefect, to the CEO of Unacoopeci-as well as to other distinguished guests.


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