Series of armed robberies in Djolof

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The terror that prevailed on the night of Monday June 13 to Tuesday June 14 reached worrying proportions in the department of Linguère. According to LeSoleil, many thugs armed to the teeth robbed a microfinance agency in Gassane, before stealing a Pick-up vehicle, fuel and a financial windfall not yet assessed in Dahra-Djolof.

First, in Gassane, the group of thugs attacked with arms the counter of the branch of the microfinance agency, around 2 am. And that was without reckoning with the promptness and determination of the gendarmes located not far from the scene. The attackers failed to seize the treasure. The exchanges of heavy fire for several minutes resulted in one of the thugs and a policeman seriously injured. After their capitulation in Gassane, the criminals, aboard a 4/4 vehicle, descended on Dahra-Djolof.

According to Ibrahima Ka, the director of a company visited by the thugs, “thieves took away a white Pick-Up from us with red stripes, which was in the site manager’s home”.

According to the same source, the theft took place in Dahra-Djolof around 5 a.m. After their crime, these bandits even attacked the base of another construction company and took money and diesel from Thylla, a village located 5 kilometers from Dahra-Djolof on the Louga road. They managed to neutralize the guard found on the scene by tying him up.

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