“She was peaceful in name only with regard to the violent remarks…”, (Zahra Iyan Thiam)

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Zahra Iyan Thiam deplores the statements made by opposition leaders, including Ousmane Sonko, during their demonstration in Place de la Nation. For the Minister of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy, this demonstration was peaceful in name only.

Incendiary remarks

” […]They say they called for a peaceful protest, but that protest was peaceful in name only. In view of all the violent, disrespectful comments that have been made, one even wonders if it was Senegalese who made these comments. Talking about the sucked blood of personalities, I didn’t even know that there were people who lived on blood, maybe they know it…”, notably lamented Zahra Iyan Thiam on the phone of Senego.

Role of actors

For her, political actors should not indulge in such practices. ” We are on political ground and the primary responsibility of political actors is to know their priesthood, which is to take charge of the concerns of the populations, to fight for the consolidation of achievements. And today more than yesterday, we agree, for the consolidation of these democratic gains. »

And Sonko

The leader of Pastef who attacked the PDS would have made a reversal according to the Minister of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy. “When Ousmane Sonko can talk about burning the country by ignoring the law. When, he is next to those to whom he promised the shooting. The PDS was nearby, not long ago, ready to shoot them. So, I take these comments with a grain of salt. »

Rejection of lists

On the rejection of the majority national list of Yewwi Askan Wi, Zahra Iyan Thiam thinks that the leaders of the said coalition have made mistakes, and that they are not ready for the next legislative elections. “Today, what should be remembered is that the Benno Bokk Yaakar coalition is logical. And that it has nothing to do with the incompetence of their lists. They made mistakes. I think it was done on purpose, because this coalition does not seem to be ready to go to elections. »

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