Signing of a partnership agreement between Enda Tamweel and the Blidet Agricultural Development Group

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Enda Tamweel, first microfinance institution in Tunisia, and the Biological Agricultural Development Group, Blidet have signed a partnership agreement.

This agreement was initialed by Mohamed Zmandar, Managing Director of Enda Tamweel, and Nouri Ben Othmen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Groupement Blidet.

It concerns the establishment of mechanisms promoting the sustainable development and ecological transition of micro- and small farmers specializing in the production of organic dates.

This partnership aims to facilitate the establishment of financing and support mechanisms for micro- and small farmers wishing to consolidate their development potential by acquiring new products that promote their commercial and environmental practices.

Thus, the two parties are committed to promoting sustainable and organic agriculture while ensuring the development and viability of date palm farms and social equity through the maintenance of agricultural employment and the protection of the environment. ‘environment.

Through this new partnership, the two parties intend to expand the number of beneficiaries of credits intended to support initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development.

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