Signing of a partnership agreement between Enda Tamweel and Tunisie Valeurs

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Enda Tamweel, the leading microfinance institution in Tunisia, and Tunisie Valeurs, a leading player in the stock market intermediation market, signed a partnership agreement on Monday, June 20, 2022 in the presence of the directors of the two institutions.

The purpose of this agreement relates to cooperation dedicated to new service offerings in bond issues and stock market intermediation.

Thus, Tunisie Valeurs will provide assistance to Enda Tamweel as part of a fundraising of 300 million dinars on the financial market for the 2022, 2023 and 2024 financial years through public and private bond issues. The amount planned for 2022 is around 100 million dinars.

This is the second fundraising operation of such a scale with our investors. We remain confident about the success of the Enda Loan despite the difficult situation of the debt market in Tunisia. Two reasons that motivate our optimism: the quality of the paper and the reputation of the company “, said Walid Saibi, Managing Director of Tunisie Valeurs.

In a difficult economic context, this new partnership will allow Enda Tamweel to stimulate a new dynamic in favor of the development of the activities of micro-entrepreneurs through the consolidation and diversification of its sources of financing. “, said Mohamed Zmandar, Managing Director of Enda Tamweel.

The country’s leading microfinance institution, Enda Tamweel has been working for more than 30 years to promote economic and social development through the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable. The institution, which has served more than a million people since its creation, integrates the issues of women’s emancipation, youth leadership and the promotion of sustainable development into its strategy and relies on diversity and the flexibility of the services it puts in place to reach all social segments.

Tunisie Valeurs, meanwhile, is positioned as a key player in the stock market intermediation market. Its subsidiary Tunisie Valeurs Asset Management is the leading manager in the country in terms of the size of its assets with a strong presence in the segment of fixed-income products: bond SICAVs, the establishment -in the future- of a monetary SICAV , mixed FCPs, etc.

If it testifies to the confidence placed in Enda Tamweel, this partnership also reaffirms the financial solidity of Enda Tamweel and the excellence of its management and governance systems. It will allow both parties to develop new synergies with a view to creating new opportunities to support employment and entrepreneurship.


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