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For a total amount of 130 million CFA francs, UNICEF-Benin offered, on January 19, 2023, large batches of office automation and rolling stock to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance, this with funding from the Government of Canada . These include 90 laptop computers, 27 desktop computers, 81 tablets, 13 printers, 8 overhead projectors, 11 USB keys, 11 motorcycles, 2 medical and gynecological examination tables for CIPECs and a 4×4 type car.

This sizeable donation aims to support the efforts of the heads of Social Protection Centers and other social actors who are involved in the care of children and the development of girls in Benin. For the representative of UNICEF-Benin Djanabou Mahondé, this material assistance is, in large part, made possible thanks to Canada and will benefit the 85 social promotion centers in Benin and the three integrated care centres.

“The protection and commitment of girls, adolescents and young people are essential aspects given the security threat that weighs in the North of the country and which calls for a stronger mobilization of the new generation to maintain social cohesion and prevent all forms of violence. We are confident that with the right tools, we will get there,” she said.

Masm agents will therefore be able to strengthen the increased exercise by girls and adolescents in Benin of their rights, in particular their rights to protection against gender-based violence. “Gender-based violence is a major violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, stemming from historically unequal power relations between the sexes. They are obstacles to the development of children, but above all to the expression of the full potential of our daughters and adolescents”, added Djanabou Mahondé, while thanking Canada for the financing of quality materials aimed at strengthening the daily work for the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence against children in Benin.

For her part, the Masm Véronique Tognifodé also expressed her gratitude to Unicef ​​for her commitment against forms of violence against children and girls, in particular this donation which, she promised, will go straight to the beneficiaries. She therefore thanked the Government of Canada, thanks to which this delivery of materials was made possible.

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