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The Head of State, during the session called “Social inclusion” with representatives of people living with disabilities, highlighted a package of measures in their favour. Scheduled to enter its active phase in a short time, these provisions unveiled by Patrice Talon will undoubtedly relieve the pain that people with reduced mobility face in their daily lives.

Hope is now allowed to people living with a disability in the Republic of Benin. The social injustices, noted shortcomings and other pains they face on a daily basis will soon become a thing of the past. With the meeting of the Head of State with a few people representing people with disabilities during the media session called ”Social inclusion” moderated by Véronique Tognifodé, Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance, there is no doubt that fellow citizens not benefiting from all their aptitude can push a phew. In his desire to be able to act effectively and concretely, the Head of State did not hesitate to unveil the package of measures for the improvement of their living conditions. It is easy to see that many infrastructures do not take these disabled people into account. As proof, Patrice Talon indicated that at the Presidency of the Republic, at the level of the old and the new building, no provision has been made to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs to the buildings. . In the same vein, on the occasion of the exhibition of memorial goods recovered from France, improvisations had to be made to allow easy access for people living with disabilities to the exhibition hall. A situation that cannot continue under the current power.

Devices that can facilitate the mobility of people living with a disability

It is in the dynamics of reflecting on this situation with a view to defining a strategy of support, solidarity, accompaniment aimed at relieving them in their difficulties that a definitive adjustment is planned, a device likely to give access for people with disabilities to all places in the realization of the works that are currently in progress. Also, the measures are taken to prescribe everywhere, especially in buildings intended for the general public, the devices that can facilitate the mobility of people living with a disability to allow them free and easy access almost everywhere. In the same vein, a total tax exemption for vehicles allowing people with reduced mobility to circulate freely has been announced. For the professional integration component, a national commission will be set up in charge of evaluating the level of skills and the level of disability of the fellow citizens concerned who, using a card, can be received at a specific counter for to register favorably. To benefit from university allowances, disabled people will no longer be selected according to the same criteria as those who enjoy all the aptitudes and the list is not exhaustive for incentive measures taken in the field of transport, education, employment and others to promote the life of Beninese who do not have all the skills. These provisions undoubtedly relieve these people with disabilities from the penalties they face on a daily basis. The implementation of this panoply of measures is eagerly awaited. It is necessarily in this same logic that President Patrice Talon indicated that the implementing decrees could come out from the first weeks of the new year. Through people with disabilities it is the ”highly social” that is on the move.


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