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The Toffa room of Benin Royal Hotel in Cotonou hosted this Thursday, January 19, 2023 the closing ceremony of the Ap projectthen to the Development, Professionalization and Sanitation of Microfinance in Benin (ADAPAMI). On this occasion, the general manager of this project Maurille Maurice Couthon first thanked the Beninese and Canadian government authorities for the trust placed in them and which allowed them to live this great experience. He then expressed his gratitude to the other players in the microfinance sector and those they met in their frantic search for results, in particular young people, rural women, elected officials, project managers, consultants, experts and even volunteers. According to him, the ADAPAMI project is respectful of gender equality.

For the Director of Canada’s International Cooperation Program, Diane Harper, ADAPAMI Its mission is to work with players in the microfinance sector in order to facilitate the financial inclusion of disadvantaged populations in Benin and contribute to the improvement of their economic situations and the reduction of poverty. She said that Canada reiterates its availability to continue to work in collaboration with Benin for the economic and social development of populations in the microfinance sector and especially for the benefit of all Beninese men and women. The Microfinance Technical Advisor, Gilles da Costa, representing the Minister of Social Affairs, said for her part that strengthening the microfinance sector and the financial inclusion of populations in general, especially young people and women, is a government priority. For him, this was clearly reflected in the Government’s Action Program (PAG) 2021-2026 and in several ongoing projects in favor of young people and women with the aim of facilitating their integration and providing them with better social protection. as well as the national financial inclusion strategy which will certainly be adopted soon by the Council of Ministers. Therefore, he hopes that the Decentralized Financial Systems (DFS) will fully fulfill their social and economic mission in a responsible, professional manner in a completely sanitized environment. Gilles da Costa indicated that the ADAPAMI project, since 2017, has supported the main actors driving the microfinance sector in Benin which, in his opinion, is in line with government guidelines with regard to the various supports provided to microfinance actors .

The Microfinance Technical Advisor suggested that the actions of the ADAPAMI project are highly appreciated and they have undoubtedly helped to improve to a certain extent the performance of the microfinance sector in Benin. This project, according to him, has contributed to the recent performance recorded by Benin, which is at the top of the pack in terms of financial inclusion according to BCEAO statistics. Now that the project is ending, he invited players in the sector to capitalize on the achievements of ADAPAMI. But he hoped that the end of this project does not mean the end of the interventions of Canadian cooperation and international development of gardens in Benin in general and in particular in microfinance because several projects are still open and they must together meet all the challenges of the microfinance sector in Benin.

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