The big discoveries of the Court of Auditors

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The Court of Auditors has produced its report on the management of the Response and Solidarity Fund against the effects of Covid-19 (Force Covid). This is accompanied by twelve requests for the opening of a judicial investigation against agents suspected of embezzling public money. According to Liberation, which explored the report of the Court of Auditors, eight ministries and the Hospital of Kaffrine are concerned.

At the Ministry of Community Development, Social and Territorial Equity, the newspaper informs, Aliou Sow, who at the time held the position of Director of General Administration and Equipment (Dage), is pinned for overbilling on the price of rice. Amount in question: 2 billion 749 million 927 thousand 498 CFA francs.

For the same reason, the Court of Auditors also requested the opening of a judicial investigation against the Dage of the Ministry of Youth, Mouhamadou Sène, and the Ministry of Commerce and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Madeleine Suzanne Lô. The respondents are suspected of having inflated prices for hydro-alcoholic gel for, respectively, 41 million 217 thousand 580 and 805,000.

55 check withdrawals

At the level of the Ministry of Industrial Development and Small and Medium-Sized Industries, three people are targeted by requests for the opening of judicial information. They are accused of irregularities concerning expenditure estimated at 2.5 billion. They are the assistant accountant Mouhamadou Bamba Amar, Dage Ndèye Aminata Loum Ndiaye and the manager of the bank account “Small and Medium Enterprise Support Fund” of the said ministry, Moustapha Diop.

The first is accused of 55 withdrawals of checks signed by the third, between March 3 and August 21, 2020, for the cash payment of mask suppliers in the department concerned. The auditors of the Court of Auditors believe that these payments should have been made by bank checks or transfer orders. Bamba Amar is also accused of having dipped into the funds reserved for the promotion of small and medium-sized industries for ineligible expenses.

Regarding Ndèye Aminata Loum, the Court of Auditors points to the payment in cash of mask suppliers on the basis of simple discharges. Worse, say the auditors, these discharges are full of anomalies.

As manager of the bank account “Support Fund for Small and Medium Industry”, Moustapha Diop, for his part, will have to explain all of these dysfunctions.

One Dage, three complaints

The Dage of the Ministry of Women, Family and Gender, Djiby Diakhaté, for his part, is the subject of three requests to open a judicial investigation. These relate to unjustified expenses for 93 million 209 thousand 500. At the level of the Ministry of Mines, it is the Dage of the time, Alassane Diallo, who is pinned for the payment of a service not performed. That of the Ministry of Communication and Culture, Léons Nzalley will also have to justify in court expenses for an amount of 1 billion 120 million. Ditto for the director of the Microfinance Impulse Fund, Ndiamé Ndiaye, who managed the Covid-19 funds at the level of the Ministry of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy. He could not justify a hole of 11 million 191 thousand 532.

The Court of Auditors has asked the Ministry of Finance and Budget to initiate the appropriate procedures for the reimbursement of 10 million 740 thousand disbursed and not justified by the Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health and Action, Dr Mamadou Ndiaye. The auditors also accuse the latter of having drawn up checks in the name of three different individuals, whereas the creditor of the State, recipient of the payments concerned, is a company (Dina Famili).

A former accountant at Kaffrine Hospital, Lamine Diallo did not escape the wrath of the Court of Auditors. The auditors asked the Ministry of Justice to open a judicial investigation against him for lack of supporting documents for expenses estimated at 45 million and borne by the Covid-19 fund.


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