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The Ministerial Commission for Information Systems and Connectivity (CMSIC) of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance (Masm) held its first session. Organized on December 08, 2021 in Cotonou by the said Ministry, this session was an opportunity for participants to appropriate and internalize the various texts that govern digital technology at the national level and specifically at the Masm level. They also took stock of the needs and defined the priorities in terms of digital projects in connection with the policy of social protection and Micro finance. Finally, the Commission studied the issue of interoperability of Masm platforms and identified a few e-service projects to be created for the benefit of Ministry users. This is an activity piloted by the Information Services Department (Dsi) of the Masm. It is therefore right that at the opening of the works, the Dsi/Masm Vincent de Paul Mègnigbèto, recalled the missions of the Commission and then expressed his gratitude to the supervisory authority which set it up. then authorized the organization of this session. The turn of the Deputy Director of Cabinet of the Ministry, Yessoufou Yolou Bamisso to address the composition of the Commission. According to her words, “to make effective the creation of this Commission within the Ministry, the Minister had to handpick the skills to constitute this group or this center of expertise that you now represent through the taking of the stopped installing you”. The Dac then indicated that at the level of the ministry, there are many needs relating to the mission of this Commission. A huge subdivision work is therefore necessary to select the best practices and obtain the best compromise with the solutions that will be put in place to deal with them, he recommended.

It should be noted that the session is part of the general framework for the organization and implementation of digital programs and projects in the Republic of Benin, established by Decree No. 2018-531 of November 14, 2018 and which sets the areas of jurisdiction of the various bodies, the rules for coordinating their activities, the functional relationships between them and the composition of the Ministerial Commissions for Information Systems and Connectivity.


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