The members of the Social Dialogue Committee in the microfinance sector installed

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(APS) – A total of 80 members of the Social Dialogue Committee of the microfinance sector, including 40 incumbents, were officially installed in Dakar on Friday during a ceremony chaired by Innocence Ntap Ndiaye, President of the High Council for Social Dialogue (HCDS).

”It is a great honor and a great satisfaction for me as well as for the members of the High Council for Social Dialogue (HCDS), to proceed today to the official installation of the members and bodies of the Social Dialogue Committee of the Microfinance sector,” said Innocence Ntap Ndiaye.

”By agreeing to invest yourself within this appropriate framework of social dialogue, you are embarking on the most appropriate path to help establish and consolidate peaceful professional relations within your sector but also at the level of your respective companies. ”, she added.

For social stability, the president of the HCDS urged the social partners of this sector to ”fully play their role, namely the strengthening of the competitiveness of microfinance institutions, the improvement of the working conditions of the employees who evolve there” .

According to Innocence Ntap Ndiaye, it is thanks to a permanent and inclusive social dialogue that takes into account the changes in the socio-economic environment of the sector that it will be possible to achieve qualitative leaps.

President of the Professional Association of Decentralized Financial Systems of Senegal (APSFD), Mamadou Cissé welcomed the installation of this committee whose main mission is “to reduce tensions to promote social stability”.

”This committee is of paramount importance. What we are looking for is to establish a framework for social dialogue between union representatives but also employers”, underlined Cissé, also general manager of the Baobab Senegal group.

The Social Dialogue Charter was initialed by the microfinance sector and the High Council for Social Dialogue during this ceremony.

The High Council for Social Dialogue (HCDS) was created in 2014 to replace the National Council for Social Dialogue.

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