The microfinance sector condemns “the many cases of kidnapping that decapitalize families” in Haiti

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Rating of the Haitian cooperative and non-cooperative microfinance sector

Document submitted to AlterPresse on March 14, 2022

Questioned and alarmed by the deterioration of the security situation as well as by its negative repercussions on the socio-economic situation and the morale of citizens, the National Association of Caisses Populaires d’Haiti (ANACAPH), the Konsey Nasyonal Finansman Popilè (KNFP) and the National Association of Microfinance Institutions of Haiti (ANIMH), decide to come out of their silence to join their voices to those of other civil society associations to condemn acts of banditry, particularly the many cases kidnappings that decapitalize families.

We note a very great deterioration of the social climate and the absence of corrective actions by the established authorities. At the same time, our society seems plunged into torpor, probably unaware of the force it represents.

We would like to recall that the so-called informal sector in particular, which constitutes the target audience of the institutions affiliated with our networks, represents the main source of job creation in Haiti and plays a crucial role in our economy. This sector, like many others, but perhaps more than others, because it has fewer remedies, has been considerably affected by successive crises over the years, and there is a tendency to forget by highlighting its “resilience”.

We offer our sympathy to the victims of acts of banditry which affect all social categories and sow mourning within the population.

The microfinance sector, which we represent, demands that the established authorities take all measures leading to an urgent return to a secure climate.

We are convinced that the restoration of the security situation is a first step towards the harmonious development ofBE HAITIAN.

Done in Port-au-Prince, March 14, 2022.

Manuel Castel

President ANACAPH

Lionel Fleuristin

KNFP Executive Director

Daphne Louissaint

ANIMH President

THE ANACAPH founded in 1998, is a network of 56 credit unions serving more than 1,000,000 members nationwide.

The KNFP founded in 1998, is a network of eight grassroots financing institutions financing urban and rural microenterprises, and supporting more than 5,000 Basic Contribution and Loan Associations (ABCP) reaching more than 200,000 families mainly in rural areas.

ANIMH founded in 2002, is a group of 8 non-cooperative microfinance institutions operating on the national territory and offering financial services to nearly 200,000 micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.


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