The Minister of the Interior announces the opening of an investigation and delivers the message of the Head of State

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After having seen firsthand the extent of the damage from the fire which reduced the neonatal center of the Mame Abdoul Aziz Sy hospital in Tivaouane to smoke, the Minister of the Interior announced the first measures of the President of the Republic. ” Outside the country, immediately informed, the Head of State ordered the opening of an investigation. And beyond the investigation, an audit will be carried out for all the facilities and equipment of the neonatology department of the hospital and all the structures of the same kind throughout Senegal “, announced the Minister of the Interior.
The Head of State’s messenger stresses that ” it is a message of sadness, of deep compassion vis-à-vis the mothers of the babies but also of the Caliph General of the Tijanes of which I am the bearer. This is the message that was delivered to the representative of the Caliph of the Tijanes, Serigne Mansour Sy Ibn El Hadji Abdoul Aziz Sy Dabakh “, emphasizes Antoine Diome.
The Minister of the Interior was accompanied by a strong government delegation made up of the Minister SG at the Presidency, the Minister in charge of transport, the Minister in charge of solidarity and community development, the Minister in charge of microfinance and finally the one in charge of the digital economy.


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