“The overall execution rate of MCA Benin II is around 90% (…)

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The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Benin II program completed this Wednesday, June 22, the 5 regular years of its implementation. The National Coordination and the MCC presented to the press the execution point of the program and shared with the latter the information on the additional 12 months before reviewing the strategic challenges around the successful achievement of the objectives of the Compact during the period. extension.

Had it not been for the 12-month extension bringing the end of the program to June 22, 2023, the Millennium Challenge Account “(MCA) Benin II” program ends today.

The National Coordinator of MCA Benin II, Gabriel Dégbègni and the Resident Director of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Christopher Broughton discussed with the press the results of the 60 months of the implementation of the program and announced the prospects.

“We have committed 91% of the resources that have been made available to us and disbursed to date, 70% and we still have 12 months to complete all the activities we have”, explained the national coordinator.

And the Resident Director of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Christopher Broughton made it clear that “If we were not in a period of the Covid pandemic, the program does not exceed 5 years. But because of the pandemic, the US government granted a one-year extension.”

“As far as the process is concerned, we proceeded with the rehabilitation, modernization and extension of the SBEE electricity network”, indicated the National Coordinator, Gabriel Dégbègni.

According to his explanation, all voltages combined, the program has contributed to building more than a thousand kilometers of power line, whether in 63 Kv underground cable, whether in 33 Kv underground cable or in 15 Kv underground cable, including the rehabilitation of the aerial electricity network in the north, particularly in Djougou, Natitingou, Parakou and around.

The program, he continues, has enabled the construction of electrical substations, both in Cotonou (8 electrical substations) and in the regions mentioned above to strengthen the transformation capacity which goes from 250 Mva to around 1200 Mva. “that is to say that we reinforce the transformation capacity of the electrical network 5 times”, he added before showing that this will contribute to stabilizing the electrical voltage, reducing losses, but also to the provision of electrical energy to consumers for the satisfaction of their needs.

Moreover, in this same process, he underlines, we have built the national control center for the distribution of electricity, whether in Akassato where we have the main center and in Bohicon where there is the fallback center. Out of the fifty posts, about twenty are ready.

He also raised the issue of off-grid electrification. “In addition to these activities, there are several mini-grids that are under construction as well as distribution and marketing activities by the selected promoters”.

Domestic solar systems, energy efficiency activities without forgetting essential infrastructure activities, particularly in health, education, and drinking water supply for the population in urban areas. Added to this is the capacity building component of the various actors, in particular SBEE, CEB, ABERME, etc., not to mention all the reforms that have been undertaken in the sector either for independent electricity production or off-grid electrification through the establishment of a regulatory framework that has been adopted by the government.

The National Coordinator of MCA Benin II, Gabriel Dégbègni, said that overall, the program execution rate is around 90% excluding mini-grids.

With regard to the short-term prospects, he hopes to complete all the work by the end of the year, “But then, since we are committed to sustainability, to the sustainability of the infrastructures, we must continue the activities with partners to the transfer of skills, the transfer of the infrastructures created. And ensure that all arrangements are made for the upkeep, maintenance and proper operation of these infrastructures so that they serve our people for the next 20 or 30 years,” he concluded.


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