The PCCET will strengthen microfinance for access to financing

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Strengthening the capacities of microfinance actors, particularly in Information and Management System (GIS), this is the objective of the workshop organized by the Project of Competitive Value Chains for Employment and Economic Transformation (PCCET) on Wednesday, September 8, 2022.

“We want to help them digitize their process”, announces the PCCET Coordinator

In this sense, a mission to assess the needs of microfinance institutions in GIS will be deployed in the coming days and will be led by international expert Mohamed Ben Nasr. The details of this mission were delivered to the actors of the microfinance sector during this workshop organized in the premises of the Primature in Plateau.

PCCET Coordinator, Arthur Coulibaly reaffirmed the will of the Ivorian State to facilitate access to financing for actors in the agricultural world. According to him, this objective requires a better organization of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) which face the difficulties that were listed during this workshop.

“We have agreed on a roadmap which will be implemented tomorrow. What is difficult is the deployment of the network. If you want to create a new agency in a new area, you need people. What we want is to already help them digitize their process (…). The project will help them acquire more efficient information and management systems”, declared the PCCET Coordinator.

“The PCCET is an instrument of the 2030 strategic program which is the vision of the President of the Republic, Alassane Ouattara, a vision implemented by the government led by Prime Minister Patrick Achi. So in the PCCET, we have an important component for access to financing for actors in agricultural value chains.

Microfinance is a key player, particularly for the provision of financial and credit services, particularly in rural areas. Moreover, these institutions represent nearly 4 million customers, nearly 437 billion FCFA of credit, or about 3% of credit,” he added.

Present at this workshop, Maria Pagùra from the World Bank expressed her institution’s commitment, which funds the PCCET and has continued to support the Ivorian government. For his part, Mohamed Ben Nasr indicated that his mission will be an opportunity to take stock of the needs of MFIs in terms of information and management systems.

As a reminder, the PCCET is a project financed by the World Bank and implemented by a Coordination Unit attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. It aims to improve access to finance and the competitiveness of the rubber, oil palm, pineapple, mango, shea and textile & clothing value chains with a view to marketing products at high added value.

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