The President of the Nicaraguan Assembly reports that the authorities are working on a new measure against NGOs.

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Nicaragua cancels six European and international NGOs, including a Spanish one

PARIS, May 25 (Benin News) –

Nicaraguan Assembly Speaker Gustavo Porras said on Tuesday that the country’s executive branch is working on a new measure to revoke the legal status of nongovernmental organizations for “breaking the law.”

“We are working and I want everyone to be calm because we are working on everything related to financial and microfinance organizations because more than three dozen organizations that are involved in the financing aspects are in a lucrative business”, did he declare.

According to the newspaper “La Prensa”, this new bill will be similar to the one that the Nicaraguan authorities approved for social clubs, granting five such entities 90 days to change their regime.

Mr. Porras also assured that there are 7,000 non-profit organizations that “do not meet” their obligations to the Nicaraguan authorities. In a similar vein, Nicaragua canceled six European NGOs for failing to declare the “breakdown of their income”.

According to the newspaper “La Gaceta”, the organizations are: the Italian foundation Terre des Hommes Italia-Onlus, the Costa Rican association Vivamos Mejor, the German organization Médico Internacional, the American organization Planting Hope, the American organization Proyecto Gettysburg- León and the Spanish organization Fundación para la Cooperación Internacional Funciona.

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