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The number 355 of Café media plus received Friday, June 24, 2022 at the Sos Village of Abomey-Calavi, two guests. Which are Philippe Medegan, President of the Network of Journalists who fight against child trafficking and abuse (Retrame); and Salimane Issifou, National Director of Sos Children’s Villages. If the first spoke about the course in the protection of children to date with regard to this Network which he chairs, the second in turn discussed in front of the actors of the media present, on what should be retained for take action on mobilizing around vulnerable children.

“The Network of Journalists Fighting against Child Trafficking and Abuse: What journey in child protection so far”. It was therefore around this theme that the first talk took place. Moment for Philippe Medegan, President of Retrame to better lift a corner of the veil on this melting pot. From his presentation, we note that this Network of media professionals, which has existed for more than twenty years in Benin, fights against abuse, violence, child trafficking and all their corollaries; his leitmotif. This, he says, through media content and media productions that expose these vices but also their perpetrators. According to him, the Retrame in its course has already collaborated with several international organizations such as the Bit or the European Union or Unicef. Returning to the flops sii characterized the life of this association, Philippe Medegan evoked its half-mast in 2014 because, according to him, of several internal difficulties. Difficulties that have not, he reassures, dulled the ardor of its leaders to bring it back to life. Done in 2019. Since then, he has hinted that the Network has come back to life and has continued with its missions. The first person in charge of the Retrame during this appointment of exchanges did not fail to invite the journalists to adhere to this Network to perpetuate together, the fight against these societal deviances.

Sos Villages of children of heart with vulnerable children…

Following Philippe Medegan, it is the turn of Salimane Issifou, National Director of Sos Children’s Villages to respond to the concerns of media professionals during the second talk. This time, around the theme: ”Mobilization around vulnerable children: what you need to know”. In this regard, he mentions that 590,266 children are victims of abuse because they have either lost their parents or can no longer live with their families. Worse, he explains that 3 out of 10 girls are married before their majority and that one out of 10 is married before the age of 15. Figures corroborated, according to him, by surveys by UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance. While being grateful for the efforts of rulers for the development of children, Salimane Issifou emphasizes the lack of schooling of children which, according to him, favors this problem. To remedy this situation, he mentions a campaign called “All together for the education of vulnerable children”. An alternative which, to listen to him, aims to raise 45,970,000 CFA francs in two months to ensure the school education of these children. To achieve this, it offers door-to-door collections, requests for donations and assistance from businesses and patrons, etc. Taking advantage of the windfall offered by Café media plus, he calls on Beninese men and women to join this cause from June 24 to August 23. A guided tour of the heart of the host families of Sos Children’s Villages of Abomey-Calavi brought this issue of Café media plus to an end.


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