The territorial administration imbued with the legal mechanism of the “Sen Label ESS Cii La Bokk” platform

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Dakar, June 21 (APS) – A Regional Development Council (CRD) was held Tuesday in Dakar with the aim of popularizing with the territorial administration the legal mechanism of the “Sen Label ESS Cii La Bokk” platform of the Ministry of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy, noted the APS.

This meeting aimed to allow the agents of the territorial administration to better immerse themselves in the challenges of this platform, which is intended to be a technical and financial support tool dedicated to the actors of the social and solidarity economy.

According to the Minister of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy, Zahra Iyane Thiam, this CRD aims to discuss with the governors, the prefects and all the sub-prefects “on the scale of execution of territorial administration”.

“The law, through the EHS approval of the economic actor, opens up several advantages to the latter, whether formal or informal. And for that, he needs an identification. This is why we hope that this platform will be able to definitively settle this question of the formalization of the actors”, declared the minister.

She informs that to apply for the funding set up within the framework of this platform, all applicants must appear in the database of “Sen Label ESS Cii La Bokk”, which will be examined by the prefect.

The file of each actor submitted online is sent directly to the sub-prefects. This implies that they must make sure to master this platform beforehand.

“The file is sent to the governor for qualification and approval. It is only after that that the document is sent to the central level for obtaining approval. The process is democratic and transparent”, assured Zahra Iyane Thiam.

The objectives of this platform and its usefulness for actors in the informal and formal economy, civil servants and members of the administration, were therefore on the menu of this workshop to share the legal mechanism of the platform “Sen Label ESS Cii la Bokk”.

“It is an inclusive approach adopted by the minister, who wanted to meet territorial actors to convey the right message, share the right content of the law governing Sen Label and give her guidelines”, said the governor. from the Dakar region, Al Hassane Sall.

According to him, the agents of the administration present at this meeting understood the role of the territorial authority, consisting in sharing with the territorial actors, “but above all to ensure that the provisions of this law are not only understood, but mostly applied.

The governor of Dakar also assured of his commitment in this perspective, as well as that of the prefects, sub-prefects and mayors.

“We are going to do everything we can to ensure that the system is applied in all its rigor, so that grassroots players can take advantage of this important tool. In addition to this, we are going to ensure that the social economy policy and solidarity be a success and a success in the Dakar region”, declared the administrative authority.

After the Dakar region, Thiès will receive the delegation from the Ministry of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy.

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