“To be in a concert of saucepans is to say that you have no ambition for your country”

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Ousmane Sonko’s call for a new demonstration and pot concerts is not to Zahra Iyane Thiam’s taste. According to the Minister of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy stresses that this opposition has no ambition on Senegal.

People understand…

The concert of pans is a change of strategy. The opposition has finally understood that by force and by the street, the Senegalese do not adhere to this strategy. The Senegalese have finished making the choice of serenity, and above all the choice of responsibility. To be responsible is to know that a construction must be dynamic and if we want to reach levels of construction that will allow us to be in a better state of being, there is no point in breaking what has already been built. The opposition has understood that the street battle is lost. People decided otherwise“, said Zahra Iyane Thiam, this Tuesday, during the Crd Dakar workshop on the Senlabel ESS Cii la Bokk Platform, in a hotel in Dakar.

The choice

The Minister of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy said that she found that: ” the Senegalese have made the discernment, just as they have chosen to inherit peace as a democratic system, to also make the choice on the new strategy. It must be remembered when the opponents oppose each other, it is to gain power because they have an alternative program. Today it shows their program is to take the pans and bang on them. »

black anger

For her, this opposition has nothing to offer the Senegalese as a development program. ” We are in a fairly busy geostrategic context. You can’t have a crisis in Ukraine not to say war. You cannot have the consequences of the health pandemic that is still chasing us. And to be in a concert of pans is to say that you have no ambition for your country“, regrets the Minister of the Republic.

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