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A government delegation was on Friday May 13, 2022, in contact with the population of the sixth arrondissement of Cotonou. Led by the Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance, Véronique Tognifodé, she went to discuss interactively with these guests at the Canal Olympia in Wologuèdè on the high cost of living as well as the mitigation measures taken by the executive, in that Sens.

It was made up of Ministers, the Government Spokesperson, the Investment Advisor to the President of the Republic, Directors General, the Mayor of Cotonou, the Prefect of the Littoral and other administrative officials. Supported by the deputies of the fifteenth and sixteenth electoral constituencies, this delegation was faced with a population having massively responded to the call. Alternately, the Mayor of Cotonou, the Prefect of the Littoral, the Deputy Secretary General and Government Spokesperson, the Minister for Decentralization, the Technical Investment Advisor to the President of the Republic or the Minister for Social Affairs and microfinance have succeeded at the desk, to address the audience. From their presentations, it emerges that three factors have contributed to the high cost of living which, for them, does not overshadow any country in the world. First, the Covid-19 crisis has made the global economy fragile for them. Then, they pointed out that the phenomenon relating to terrorism, especially in the Sahel, has led to a rush for local products, a situation which has led to a dizzying rise in prices and the scarcity of these products, which are nevertheless basic necessities. Finally, these government representatives pointed out to the population of the sixth arrondissement that the war between Ukraine and Russia is the latest situation to further aggravate this crisis and, by extension, this high cost decried by all. Faced with this situation, they felt that the Beninese government has not remained insensitive to the crisis. If Wilfried Léandre Houngbédji, Spokesman of the government mentioned that the government injected 80 billion in the subsidy of petroleum products, did everything possible for the subsidy and the availability of agricultural inputs without forgetting the exemption of 18% of VAT and the reduction of customs charges on maritime freight, Raphaël Akotegnon of decentralization reassured everyone that everything has been put in place to ensure that these products do not fraudulently leave the national territory. As for Véronique Tognifodé, she suggested that the microcredit kitty goes from 50,000 FCFA to 100,000 FCFA now. After receiving complaints from the audience, they promised to report to the executive. But in the meantime, they invite the population to be their spokespersons with those who are at home. On behalf of his colleagues, the Honorable Sèdami Mèdégan Fagla thanked the delegation for this contact with the grassroots population. An initiative which for her will also allow each other to better situate themselves.


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