Uniform act relating to the accounting system for non-profit entities (SYCEBNL)

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Uniform act relating to the accounting system for non-profit entities (SYCEBNL)

On December 21 and 22, 2022, the 53rd session of the OHADA Council of Ministers was held in Niamey (Niger), which unanimously adopted by the States present and voting, the Uniform Act relating to the Accounting System non-profit entities.

This text, which complements the Uniform Act relating to accounting law and financial information (AUDCIF), will significantly improve the quality of the information produced within the OHADA space. Indeed fall within the scope of the Uniform Act relating to Accounting Law and Financial Information in its article 2, all entities producing market or non-market goods and services, insofar as they exercise, whether for profit or not, principal or incidental economic activities which are based on repetitive acts, with the exception of those subject to the rules of public accounting.

It should be noted that Article 5 of the same Uniform Act excludes from the scope of application of the OHADA Accounting System (SYSCOHADA): credit institutions, microfinance institutions, financial market players, insurance and reinsurance, social security and provident organizations and non-profit entities.

This means that non-profit entities like other entities (banks, insurance companies, social mutuals, etc.) must have their own accounting system. This vacuum has just been filled by the Council of Ministers of OHADA during its 53rd session.

The harmonization of the accounting practices of non-profit entities requires the establishment of an accounting system that allows their activities to be translated according to appropriate accounting rules.

The Accounting System for Nonprofit Entities is a system for organizing financial information intended to present financial statements that reflect a true and fair view of the financial position, performance and changes in the cash position of non-profit entities in order to meet the needs of all users of this information.

This accounting framework applies to the following entities:

  • associations, professional orders and similar entities,
  • development and similar projects.

To enable users and “producers” of the accounting and financial statements of non-profit entities to understand the nature, scope and specificities of the accounting system, the Council of Ministers adopted the Uniform Act and its appendix, the accounting system non-profit entities, 422 pages, which comes into force on January 1, 2024.

The Accounting System for Non-Profit Entities, for short (SYCEBNL) is subdivided into four parts:

  • definitions and conceptual framework;
  • structure, content and operation of accounts;
  • specific operations and problems;
  • presentation of financial statements.

As soon as it is published in the Official Journal of OHADA, the Uniform Act relating to the accounting system for non-profit entities (SYCEBNL) will be published on your website www.ohada.com.

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