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Following denunciations related to cases of discrimination and administrative slowness, the Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance, Véronique Tognifodé invited the heads of decentralized financial systems (Sfd) from the four departments of the North to a discussion session in Natitingou. The opportunity for the ministerial authority to invite them to be more rapid in the operations of granting Alafia microcredit. This in order to be part of the government’s vision. Indeed, despite the flexibility measures put in place by the government of Benin to facilitate people’s access to Alafia microcredits, complaints relating to the slowness in granting credits and sometimes to cases of discrimination continue to arise. be recorded. Women complain of not being satisfied in time, for reasons they do not know. Better still, the statistics recorded at the level of the National Microfinance Fund show that in certain localities, the disbursement rates, although significant, do not correspond to the forecasts of the State in terms of the needs of the target population. During the meeting, the Minister discussed with the Sfd, complaints from fellow citizens and asked them to review their system to comply with the social vision of the government. “By setting up the Alafia microcredit, the government is in a strategy to reduce the poverty rate in Benin that you do not seem to want to support…” specified the ministerial authority before expressing his dissatisfaction with the disbursement rates weak in these 4 departments, while the Alafia 2 product of 100,000f has been made available by the government for 6 months. In addition, she recalled that the Alafia microcredit is intended for people who meet the conditions, of course, but without discrimination, regardless of the gender and political side of the beneficiaries. “Disability should not be a factor of discrimination either”, said the Minister, inviting the Sfd to comply with the specifications and above all to be part of the government’s vision, which is working to put populations of all localities at work. The minister asked all Fnm partner Sfds to improve their deployment mechanism in all localities. She also praised the performance of some Sfds who are doing a good job in the field with a consistent penetration and recovery rate.


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