Vlavonou installs gender focal cell

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Overview of Cell members with President Vlavonou

The National Assembly of Benin has its gender focal unit. The President of the National Assembly, Louis Gbèhounou Vlavonou officially installed the members of the said cell this Wednesday, June 22, 2022 in the Kolawolé IDJI room at the palace of governors in Porto-Novo. It was in the presence of the first parliamentary secretary, Sofiath Schanou wife Arouna, the second parliamentary secretary, Delonix Koglévi, the executive secretary of the National Institute for Women (INF), Huguette Bokpè ​​wife Gnancadja, the Secretary General of the Ministry social affairs and microfinance Pascal Wele IDRISSOU, members of the cabinet of the President of the National Assembly and parliamentary officials.

A total of 20 members are installed by the President of the National Assembly in accordance with Decision No. 2021-0110/AN/PT of November 03, 2021. Their main mission is to ensure the integration of the gender approach in strategic orientation documents, policies, programs, projects, budgets, actions and activities of the National Assembly.

In the speech delivered by the parliamentary authority, he recalled the history of the genre before presenting the contribution of the 8th legislature for its promotion. “…The national representation, with the intention of playing its part in this fight, laid down three major legislative acts under the eighth legislature. This is, above all, the adoption of Law No. 2019-40 revising the Constitution of Benin on Thursday, October 31, 2019, a historic date. This stipulates, in its article 26 (new) that ”men and women are equal in law. However, the law may lay down special provisions for the improvement of the representation of the people by women”. It is by virtue of this major and salutary constitutional reform that we were able to endow Benin with law n°2019-43 of November 15, 2019 on the electoral code, which stipulates, in its article 144, that the number of deputies in the The National Assembly has one hundred and nine (109) including twenty-four (24) seats reserved exclusively for women. It is also about the vote of the law n ° 2021-13 of December 20, 2021 modifying and supplementing the law n ° 2002-07 of August 24, 2004 relating to the code of the people and the family as well as the law n ° 2021- 12 of December 20, 2021 amending and supplementing Law No. 2003-04 of March 3, 2003, relating to sexual health and reproduction and laying down special provisions for the repression of offenses committed on the grounds of sex and the protection of women in the Republic of Benin. Said President Louis G. Vlavonou regarding the legislative acts taken by the 8th legislature in favor of gender promotion.

Following his speech, he underlined that “…By taking these unprecedented and revolutionary acts, the 8th legislature inscribes its name in gold letters in the annals of the struggle for gender in Benin, thus following in the footsteps of the executive in this niche. » The President of the 8th legislature also recalled the strong actions of the government in this context. As an example, he cited the government decision on the National Gender Promotion Policy (PNPG); the establishment on July 21, 2021 of the National Institute for Women, replacing the National Institute for the Advancement of Women.

Faithful KENOU

On behalf of the 20 members, the gender focal point of the National Assembly, Carmen Fifamè Toudonou pledged to work together with her peers to achieve the objectives. The representative of the National Institute for Women (INF) did not haggle over the availability of the INF to collaborate with the gender focal unit of the National Assembly.

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