“We believe that these efforts will only achieve the desired results if they are accompanied by concrete actions.” (Kolyang Palebele, Chairman OPA)

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The 2nd International Conference in Dakar, on agriculture with the theme “Feeding Africa”, served as a framework for advocacy and proposals for the Pan-African Farmers’ Organization (OPA), which brings together various Peasant Organizations (POs) from Africa. These actors of the food system do not find the relevance of implementing initiatives for food sovereignty without the active participation of farmers’ organizations which are full partners at all levels.
Indeed, the Pan-African Farmers’ Organization (OPA) has formulated recommendations focused in several areas on sustainable food and agriculture, which meet the needs and expectations of FOs and the agricultural sector in Africa.

First of all, OPA invites AfDB and African central banks to put in place strategies, programs, laws and regulations enabling development and commercial banks as well as microfinance institutions to have access to financing. . As for the national political authorities, the actors of the food system call for good global governance and the strengthening of access to financing and insurance mechanisms for agriculture.
Regarding regional and continental economic integration institutions, they advocated for the strengthening of inter-regional and continental trade and community performance for those from sustainable production systems. And finally, they invited partners to strengthen their support to States and continental and regional institutions to implement policies, strategies and mechanisms for greater and more effective financing and investments in the agricultural sector. “We believe that such a summit should enable all development partners, especially financiers, to take into account the various actions planned by the countries. We believe that these efforts will only achieve the expected results if they are accompanied by concrete actions”, said Kolyang Palebele and his comrades…


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