What situations and prospects for financial inclusion in Tunisia?

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On June 15, 2022, an event was held on the state of play of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (SNIF), organized by the French Development Agency (AFD), under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance. And this in partnership with the Central Bank of Tunisia, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the Microfinance Control Authority, the General Insurance Committee and the Financial Inclusion Observatory.

This event made it possible to carry out a mid-term diagnosis of the SNIF and its achievements, to identify the current issues on financial inclusion in Tunisia and to open up avenues of reflection for the continuation of this strategy.

It will be followed in the coming weeks by a series of round tables on the key themes of the financial inclusion sector: the refinancing of microfinance institutions, savings and banking intermediation, digital finance, inclusive insurance , the reorganization of microcredit associations, the strengthening of the Professional Association of Microfinance Institutions as well as the management and supervision of financial inclusion.

These participatory workshops, which will bring together public and private players in the inclusion ecosystem, will be followed by a restitution event aimed at drawing up a roadmap on the different axes of the NFIS.

Support socio-economic reforms in Tunisia

It should be noted that this event is part of a public policy loan of €150 million signed in 2020 between the Republic of Tunisia and AFD, one of the components of which is dedicated to financial inclusion, a sector in which AFD has been very committed, alongside the Tunisian authorities, banks and microfinance institutions since 2011.

Indeed, this project aims to support socio-economic reforms in Tunisia for sustainable growth that creates jobs to improve the living conditions of the population.

The support program, implemented by Horus, Grant Thornton and Amef Consulting, includes several components, including an inventory of the NFIS followed by reflection workshops on the main themes, support for certain regulators and supervisors of the sector (ACM and CGA) as well as training dedicated to financial inclusion players.

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