“YAW did not respect parity, but Xex dou wess di nagne ka defanetity if land bi ba mou saf sap”

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Reacting to accusations of conspiracy against Yewwi Askan Wi during the filing of sponsorships brandished by Barthélémy Dias et Cie, the Minister of Microfinance, Social and Solidarity Economy Zahra Iyane Thiam is of the opinion that “the administration has done its to have to”.

But above all, she believes, it is up to political actors to comply with the law. According to her, “neither trickery nor bad faith, let alone lies can thrive. The electoral process emerged from an audit that assessed the entire electoral system with the participation of all political actors. As that political actors we must know how to keep reason.” When asked whether the BBY has filed a surplus of sponsorships, Zahra Iyane Thiam argues that “the YAW coalition must answer first from its list which has not respected parity”.

However, she reiterated her ardent desire to do battle with YAW for these next legislative elections. “We won in Dakar during the 2017 legislative elections. Today, all the vital forces of the BBY gathered around their leader Macky Sall for victory on the evening of July 31”.

And to conclude: “If they want to fight, it’s not too late because, we will fight it out on the political field when the time comes (Xex dou wees, di nagne ka defanetity if ground bi ba mou saf sap) “.


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