Zahra Iyane Thiam denounces the “irresponsible” attitude of the leaders of Yewwi Askan Wi

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The prefect of Dakar has banned the rally of the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition, scheduled for Friday, June 17 at Place de la Nation. Despite this ban, the leaders of the said coalition intend to demonstrate. What the Minister of Microfinance Zahra Iyane Thiam deplores. The head of the presidential mobility of Sicap Liberté denounced “the irresponsible attitude of the leaders of Yewwi Askan Wi” who, for her, seek to install chaos in the country.

“I deplore Yewwi’s irresponsible attitude and that’s the least evil one can say. What is more serious is that Yewwi Askan Wi wants to make the public believe that it is BBY who wants to install the country in chaos, or that it is BBY who is the architect of violence again it is BBY who is causing their fault. That’s what I regret. Let these leaders show us clearly where exactly and when exactly the BBY coalition called for revolt, for violence. On the contrary, it is these same leaders of Yewwi Askan Wi who incite their militants to the revolution”, regretted Zahra Iyane Thiam.

In addition, the political leader remains “convinced” that Senegal is a country of law and law. And faced with such a situation, force must remain with the law. “Yewwi Askan Wi asks people to take to the streets for what purpose? The lapses of this coalition are revealing. What we learn from the words of the leaders of this coalition is that they are thieves crying thief. And faced with this situation, we, members of the BBY coalition, remain upright in our boots. Because we consider that this country belongs to all of us. And political action is far from being a matter of violence”.

“It’s a contradiction of idea and program and to let people freely make their choices. To say that they are going to hold their rally by force is to think that Senegal is a country without law. I think in this country we have strong institutions. We have texts and regulations that govern the proper functioning of the country. As good Republicans, we must comply with the texts and regulations that govern the functioning of the country. And in any case, force must always remain with the law, ”warned Zahra Iyane Thiam.


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