Zahra Iyane Thiam withdraws on Twitter in the space of 3 months and is massacred

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The new Director General of theAsepex (Agency Senegalese Export Promotion Agency) knows how to tweet according to his interests. Regarding the issue of the 3rd term, Zahra Iyane Thiamsince it is about her, freshly swept away by the ministerial reshuffle installing the new Government of Prime Minister Amadou Bais unemployed. At the head of the Ministry of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy since April 2019, she is replaced by Ms. Victorine Ndeye September 17, 2022. And despite her Republican speech in the media which suggests that she accepted his ouster, this militant of theAPR who was beaten twice in a row in her stronghold of sicap Freedom in the Local elections of January 2022 and Legislative of 2022, digests his dismissal very badly.

The proof, on October 30, 2022, she took to her Twitter account to call the Company civil society to resume the fighting of 2011 against the 3rd mandate. She says she is nostalgic for that time when she was with the M23 to fight wade. “June 17, 2011 – June 22 2011- 23 June 2011 – June 27, 2011, crucial stages of a Republican fight. Only clairvoyance and intellectual honesty should guide the actors of yesterday that we are. A part of the Company civilian” nostalgic?“, she writes.

His post does not fail to revolt some militants of the ruling party who denounce his “ingratitude” and him ask to maintain their dignity and loyalty. This is the case of this Mamadou Sarr

She gets a nomination and radically changes her speech
On December 7, 2022, the Chairman macky Hall appoints by decree Zahra Iyane Thiam at the head of the general management of the Agency for the promotion of exports (Asepex). The lady has her candy, so she can swallow her nostalgia for the 3rd term fight. Worse, it withdraws and attacks the initiative set up by a dozen organizations of the Company civilian to block the way to the 3rd term of macky Hall. The new DG asks Yen Tired and Company to let the Constitutional Council settle the debate.

“Collective “Jam has Gen 3rd mandate”. What is the objective pursued by this group and its signatories? make respect our laws; impose its interpretation of the texts for some or settle political frustrations for othersothers! let’s leave the decision to skills,” she said.

Dean Alioune Tine’s reminder slap
To refresh the memory of this kind of Senegalese politician whose word weighs no more than the wing of a fly on a scale, nothing better than a reminder shot. And that’s what the Dean Alioune Tina, founder by AfrikaJom Center and no less leader of M23 from 2011 made quoting Zahra’s tweet Iyane Thiam to do a little reminiscence exercise. “Without the M23 Where you were very active by my side against the 3rd mandate, you would probably not be a minister or Director. When memory goes looking for wood…

A tackle well taken up by Internet users who had fun shooting down the DG of Asepex.


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